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Having worked in the high voltage electricity industry for the past 15 years and the building industry before that I was no stranger to encountering problems along the way, as the years  went by new technology has continually been making its way to the field making the lives of engineers easier.

One branch of technology that amazed me many years ago was the infrared camera. The camera can literally see the parts of the light spectrum that the human eye cannot. When placed in the hands of an engineer with many years experience was is a formidable field tool of choice.

Now a few more years have passed since my thermographic qualifications were obtained and my thermographic experience had vastly expanded I decided it was time to take the technology to a wider audience.

I partnered up with a very experienced mechanically minded colleague and thus Thermasafe was born.  

At the heart of the business ethos is our absolute desire to carry out the best possible survey at the best possible price. 


Brian & Eddie , Co-Owners Thermasafe





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