IR Electrical Surveys

Using State of the art ​©Flir infra red cameras

we can locate faults invisible to the naked eye

in your electrical equipment allowing repairs to be carried out before it fails.

Failure to overheating or faulty components can lead to loss of vital electrical circuits and may also lead to fires.

IR Fault Diagnosis

Increase your production output by finding faults in electrical and mechanical equipment before it fails, do you have multiple production lines with motor conveyor belts?

We can help eliminate downtime on these lines by diagnosing the heat signature of the motors while operational ensuring no loss to production during the survey.

Enabling you to identify inefficient equipment that can be swapped out during your next planned maintenance slot.

IR Building & Damp Surveys

Wondering if that shiny new house of yours has been properly insulated by your builder? Or maybe you have an older property and you’d love to put a stop to all those annoying costly draughts?

Do you have damp or moisture issues? We can help.

Our thermal imaging cameras can see what the naked eye cant showing the draughts & damp on a full colour display in real time.


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